Reusable Vegetable Storage Bags

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Natural linen produce bags that are reusable and keep vegetables fresh for up to 🌽2 weeks in your refrigerator!  These all natural linen bags, when dampened, will keep all kinds of vegetables fresh and crisp for up to two weeks by providing high humidity and a breathable environment. They are the perfect alternative to plastic bags and containers that keep too much moisture in and don't allow vegetables to breathe --- which promotes rotting. 

Three easy steps:
1. Dampen and ring out your storage bag.
2. Rinse your vegetables and remove any damaged areas.
3. Place filled bag in crisper drawer(best) or on self, then dampen bag under running water when it dries out (every 3-5 days).

SIZES: Regular 11"L X 12"W -- Long 17"L X 11"W -- Large 17"L X 14"W
QUALITY: 100% European Linen
COLORS: Natural (tan)

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Suggested Easy care: Machine wash cold water, lay flat to dry.